Global Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts Market size is expected to gain momentum owing to the growing construction industry during the forecast period. This information is published in this report, titled, “Global Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts Market, 2022-2028.” Conveyor belts, often known as heavy duty belts, are a type of industrial belt used in material handling applications. These belts are frequently composed of rubber, making them durable and long-lasting. Conveyor belts made of vulcanized fiber fabric or non-vulcanized fiber fabric reinforced with steel cord are examples of heavy-duty conveyor belts. They’re employed in a variety of industries, including power generating, mining, industrial handling, and material transportation, to name a few. Factors contributing to the Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts market growth include rising demand for raw materials and the need for high transportation speeds at mines, a growing construction industry around the world that requires efficient supply chain management solutions, an increasing trend toward automation and robotics in various industries, and the need for improved safety measures due to accidents caused by human error, among others.

COVID-19 Impact-

Due to the abrupt emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, conveyor belts are increasingly being used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, packaging, logistics, and others, to automate multiple tasks and limit human interaction in order to reduce the danger of coronavirus infection. Due to lockdowns in different Asian countries, the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has hindered the sector. Despite the forced lockdowns, the e-commerce market grew significantly since it requires rubber conveyor belts for the transfer of goods in warehouses, which is expected to boost industry statistics.

Asia Pacific is expected to hold the largest Global Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts Market share during the forecast period. This is primarily due to the region’s vast industrial potential across multiple industry sectors. The mining industry in APAC has enormous growth potential, resulting in an increase in demand for mining transport rubber bands. Leading manufacturers’ increasing investments, on the other hand, will help to develop the market to a greater level.

Participants in the market are expanding their product lines in order to enhance their market share and reach. Market leaders can better serve their customers by launching new product lines in new territories or regions.

Siemens will introduce a new compact and powerful driving system for horizontal conveyor applications in 2020. A motor, frequency converter, and gearbox make up the drive system.

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