Efficiency in bakery operations is a top priority. A leader in conveyor solutions offers valuable insights on minimizing waste caused by conveyors, with a focus on critical transfer points where one belt meets another or interfaces with additional equipment.

Bob Harrington, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Capway Automation, emphasizes the importance of maintaining a transfer gap less than half the width of the product being transferred. A gap exceeding this threshold can lead to product rollover, loss of orientation, and skewing. Ensuring proper alignment and preventing aggressive speeds in turn conveyors are key factors in achieving a smooth transfer without unnecessary waste.

Bernardo Zermeno, Customer Development Director at Rexfab, identifies poor alignment as a common root cause of rough transfer points. Older technology with transfer rollers not designed for today’s production lines can contribute to these issues. Zermeno highlights the transformative impact of tight transfers in addressing alignment challenges.

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