In the article “Conveyors and palletizers: One size does not fit all dairy processors,” Dairy Foods highlights the significance of selecting the right conveyors and palletizers to maximize efficiencies and ensure food safety in dairy processing plants.

John Kuhnz, Vice President of Engineered Solutions Group at Dorner Manufacturing Corp., emphasizes the importance of customizing conveyor designs to meet the unique requirements of different areas within a dairy plant. From raw product handling to processing and packaging, each section demands specific conveyor designs to ensure optimal performance and budget adherence.

Sanitation is a paramount consideration, notes Rudy Sanchez from Key Technology. State-of-the-art sanitary design features, including polished finishes and easy-to-clean components, are essential for maintaining food safety standards and preventing bacterial contamination.

Integrating conveyor lines with sensor-driven automation enhances performance by facilitating real-time adjustments based on data collected from downstream equipment. This automation minimizes human intervention and streamlines operations, ensuring consistent product flow and reducing downtime.

Ben VanKauwenberg, Engineer Manager at Koss Industrial Inc., underscores the importance of selecting conveyors tailored to the operating environment of dairy plants. Choosing appropriate construction elements and prioritizing ease of cleaning can significantly reduce sanitation time and maintenance costs.

While it may be tempting to opt for conveyors with readily available spare parts, VanKauwenberg emphasizes the long-term benefits of selecting components tailored to specific applications, such as maximizing uptime and cleanliness.

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