In the realm of manufacturing, where heat treatment processes can push temperatures to a scorching 2,400°F, there’s a crucial need for conveyor belting that can endure the unforgiving conditions. This necessity isn’t confined to a single industry; it spans automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment sectors. Next-gen conveyor belting designed to withstand the most grueling heat treatment processes.

As highlighted in the article “Next-Gen conveyor belting” on Engineer Live, the conventional round balance weave wire belting has seen minimal evolution over a century, often necessitating annual replacements and causing substantial production downtime.

Heat treatment serves as the backbone for enhancing the properties, performance, and durability of various metals like steel, iron, aluminum alloys, copper, nickel, magnesium, and titanium. This spans the spectrum from conveying to hardening, brazing, soldering, and onward to sintering furnaces, carburizing furnaces, atmosphere tempering furnaces, annealing, and quenching furnaces. The parts subjected to this rigorous process encompass everything from bearings, gears, and axles to saws, axes, and cutting tools.

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