As reported by Motion Control Tips, the conveyor industry is witnessing a surge in specialized conveyors and intelligent transport systems. Advancements in motor technology have led to more efficient conveyor systems, and innovative designs now incorporate advanced wiring and connectivity to meet the latest standards.

One notable example is mk North America’s adjustable-width timing-belt conveyor, which offers enhanced functionality by accommodating parts of various widths and lengths without complex changeover processes.

Motor-driven roller (MDR) conveying systems remain indispensable in industries such as intralogistics, packaging, food and beverage, and assembly. These systems utilize motorized rollers that can couple to gearmotors on the conveyor flank or integrate drum motors directly inside their stainless-steel cylindrical bodies. MDR conveyors can provide precise item positioning in automated warehousing scenarios, while some sections may use unpowered rollers linked to powered rollers via round polyurethane belts.

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