According to The Fabricator’s article “Making the most of tube bending automation in a metal fabrication shop,” tube bending automation, encompassing pre- and post-bending steps, has emerged as a pivotal investment area for metal fabrication. Focusing on efficiency and innovation, F.N. Sheppard, a prominent player in the industry, stands out in harnessing the power of automation.

The article highlights the success story of fischer group, a key player in ERW stainless steel tubes. Facing the challenges posed by the evolving automotive industry, fischer has strategically incorporated fully automated tube bending systems into its operations. With approximately 50 automated cells worldwide, the company leverages cutting-edge technology, including the CNC 80 E TB MR and CNC 100 E TB MR machines, to meet the demands of complex exhaust systems and increasing production pressures.

These automated cells, equipped with NxG machine control, offer enhanced productivity, allowing a single operator to manage multiple machines simultaneously. Notably, the machines can achieve small radii of up to 1xD, providing flexibility in addressing diverse requirements. The NxG machine control, coupled with multilevel technology, minimizes intermediate lengths between bends, facilitating continuous and efficient bending processes.

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