Timing Belt Pitches, Drawing, & Dimensions

Looking for timing belt specifications? Inches from 0.8016 to 0.875 and metrics from 2.5 mm to 20 mm. Belt construction cones in neoprene and urethane. We carry standard belts for your general needs and engineer and manufacture timing belts to meet your custom needs.

Inches: 0.8016 - 0.875

Belt SectionConstructionPitch HBHT
40 DPURETHANE 0.8016 in0.048 in 0.018 in
MXLURETHANE & NEOPRENE0.080 in0.045 in0.018 in
XLURETHANE & NEOPRENE0.200 in0.090 in0.050 in
LURETHANE & NEOPRENE0.375 in0.140 in0.075 in
HURETHANE & NEOPRENE0.500 in0.160 in0.090 in
XHURETHANE & NEOPRENE0.875 in0.440 in0.250 in
Belt Selection 40DP - XH

Metrics: HTD®, GT®/HTD® - SuperTorque STD, GT®2, Poly Chain®

Belt SelectionConstructionPitchHBHT
HTD® - 3MNEOPRENE3 mm2.41 mm1.22 mm
HTD® - 5MNEOPRENE5 mm3.81 mm2.08 mm
HTD® - 5MURETHANE 5 mm3.60 mm2.10 mm
HTD® - 8MURETHANE 8 mm5.60 mm3.40 mm
HTD® - 14MURETHANE 14 mm10.00 mm6.10 mm
GT®/HTD® - 20M NEOPRENE3 mm13.20 mm8.40 mm
Super Torque - S2MNEOPRENE2 mm1.40 mm0.76 mm
Super Torque - S2MUrethane2 mm1.19 mm0.76 mm
Super Torque - S3MNEOPRENE3 mm2.00 mm1.14 mm
Super Torque - S3MUrethane3 mm1.78 mm 1.14 mm
Super Torque - S4.5MNEOPRENE4.5 mm2.70 mm 1.71 mm
Super Torque - S5MNEOPRENE5 mm3.61 mm 1.91 mm
STD5Urethane5 mm3.30 mm 3.40 mm
Super Torque - S8MNEOPRENE8 mm5.30 mm3.05 mm
STD8Urethane8 mm5.10 mm6.00 mm
Super Torque - S14MNEOPRENE14 mm10.20 mm5.30 mm
GT®2 - 2MRNEOPRENE2 mm1.52 mm0.76 mm
GT®2 - 3MRNEOPRENE3 mm2.41 mm1.14 mm
GT®2 - 5MRNEOPRENE5 mm3.81 mm1.93 mm
GT®2 - 8MGTNEOPRENE8 mm5.59 mm3.28 mm
GT®2 - 14MGTNEOPRENE14 mm9.91 mm5.84 mm
Poly Chain® GT®2 - 8MGTUrethane8 mm5.90 mm3.40 mm
Poly Chain® GT®2 - 14MGTUrethane14 mm10.20 mm10.20 mm
HTD® 3M - GT®/HTD® - 20M
Super Torque - S2M - Poly Chain® GT®2 14MGT

Metrics: T2.5 - AT20

Belt SelectionConstructionPitchHBHTTooth AngleBT
T2.5URETHANE 2.5 mm1.30 mm0.70 mm40°N/A
T5URETHANE 5 mm2.20 mm1.20 mm40°2.7 mm
T10URETHANE 10 mm4.50 mm2.50 mm40°5.3 mm
T20URETHANE 20 mm8.00 mm5.00 mm40°10.1 mm
AT5URETHANE 5 mm2.70 mm1.20 mm50°3.6 mm
AT10URETHANE 10 mm4.50 mm2.50 mm50°7.3 mm
AT20URETHANE 20 mm8.00 mm5.00 mm40°15.1 mm
T2.5 - T20
AT5 - AT20