The art of sushi making is deep-rooted in Japanese culture, wrapped (or rolled, rather) in tradition and culinary expertise. Kura Sushi brings modern efficiencies and convenience to the process, in a fun and innovative format.

Kura Sushi opened at Jersey City’s Newport Mall in late November. This location is one of two in New Jersey for the famous franchise, which has over 40 sites across the country. Kura Sushi is a tech interactive Japanese restaurant, pioneering the revolving sushi concept. Thanks to the combination of advanced technology, premium ingredients, and affordable prices, customers can expect an enhanced and unique dining experience.

“Our Revolving Sushi Bar is the primary belt that snakes through the dining area with plates of sushi that are protected by our patented ventilated sushi lid,” says Brittany Kiker, PR Specialist of Kura Sushi USA, Inc. The lid limits airborne exposure and has plate-tracking technology that monitors how long the item has been circulating, ensuring your food is always fresh and delicious from conveyor belt to table.

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