A conveyor system includes one or more mechanical devices used to move goods from one area to another. These systems play a key role in many types of industrial and manufacturing processes, where they may be used during production or storage of products. A conveyor system may also be used in packing, shipping, and transportation facilities. Companies can choose from many types of systems, depending on the type of product and how far it needs to be transported.

Standard conveyor belts are one of the most widely-used conveyor system devices. These belts carry goods along an assembly line, where machines or laborers manufacture or inspect each component. For heavy goods, a roller made from steel bars may be used in lieu of a standard belt system. Vibrating trays and roller beds can also act as a conveyor system for everything from rocks and minerals to food products. As they carry a product, they also vibrate to sort or screen unwanted materials.

Very large industrial and mining companies may rely on a track- or rail-based conveyor system. These systems use carts or trains to carry heavy materials like rocks or metal. At the opposite end of the spectrum, pneumatic or vacuum conveyors can be used to transport very fine products like oats, powder, or chemicals. Vertical or spiral conveyors take products up or down from different levels within a building, while horizontal conveyors operate on a single level in most applications.

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