Curious about the advantages to using a plastic modular belt?

According to International Bakery:

“Selecting a belt for a conveyor is like deciding which tire is best for the road. Baked foods and snacks can travel on all types of surfaces ranging from a flat belt to modular plastic to a metal or wire one. Some are rugged, others are all-weather, and nearly every one of them guarantees a smooth ride.

“Then again, does the style of conveyor determine the type of belt? Here are some of the advantages of plastic modular belts for your conveyors.

  • “Plastic modular belts are perfectly suited to going round bends and curves
  • “They can be easily repaired ( in the event of a breakage) and extended should the need occur. This has the advantage that the plastic belts can be changed quickly.
  • “Easily cleaned they are easy to wash down with water
  • “Versatility is the name of the game and plastic modular belts are suitable for incline and decline applications and linking to elevating conveyors. Variable speeds can be fitted to suit your products
  • “Flights can be easily fitted or retro fitted. Side guides can be fitted to your conveyor
  • “A wide variety of food products can be transported
  • “Raw food products can be transported on plastic belts ( a bi product of the easy cleaning capability)
  • “Wet or dry products are ideal on modular belt conveyors
  • “Hot or cold products can be transported
  • “All of which are can be used for accumulation of products”

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