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Self-Tracking Belts



Reasons and Applications for Using V-guide Tracking

  • For the most positive form of synchronous motion with dynamic true tracking
  • Where pulley flanges cannot be used or may interfere with products being conveyed
  • Conveyors with long center distance where true tracking is critical
  • Side loading or unloading applications
  • Where the belt runs on its edge in a vertical position instead of lying flat on a conveyor surface
V-Guide Charts:Listed are the most common v-guide sizes for urethane timing belts. Dimensions are for integral molded and welded v-guides on urethane timing belts. For other v-guide sizes, material and belt types please contact our technical department.
V-Guide Sizes (Inch & Metric):O, A, B, K6, K8, K10, K13
V-Guide Materials:FDA, Neoprene, PVC, Urethane
V-Guide Construction:Notched, Serrated, Solid
Urethane V-Guide: Integral Molded & NotchedBelt Tooth Pitch Range: T5 – AT10
V-Section Size Range: K6 – K13
Belt Width Available Range: 16mm – 150mm / 1.5 – 6.0 inch
Urethane V-Guide DimensionsV-Guide Section Range: K6 – A
MM Range: 6mm – 13mm
Inches Range: 0.240” – 0.500”
Pitch Range: 38° – 40°
Pulley Groove DimensionsV-Guide Section Range: K6 – A
MM Range: 5mm – 8.7mm
Inches Range: 0.190” – 0.311”
Pitch Range: 38° – 44°
Slider Bed DimensionsV-Guide Section Range: K6 – A
MM Range: 3.7mm – 8.7mm
Inches Range: 0.190” – 0.311”
Pitch Range: 38° – 44°

Below are PDF documents that provide a little more technical information about Self-Tracking Belts. Remember, our business is built on the providing the personal experience for all of our customers, so please, always feel free to give us a call or send us an email at your convenience.


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